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TreeBiz Tree Services cherry pickerCherry Picker/EWP

Cherry Pickers/EWP (Elevated Work Platforms) are required when a tree is dead/rotten or in close proximity to power lines and too dangerous to be climbed by an Arborist.

They can also be used when reducing the height on Conifers, large hedges, removing  Bunya Pine nuts and cleaning large Canary Island/Phoenix Date Palms.

Crane WorkTreeBiz Camera 084

Large tree removal sometimes requires the use of a crane. This insures that the removed tree segments can be transported safely and efficiently without risking damage to nearby buildings, fences and people. 

Tree-storm-damageStorm Damage

TreeBiz Tree Services have all the equipment needed to clear your yard of debris and trim down any damaged or broken branches that may be caused from storms, windy weather and lightning.

Most damaged trees can still be salvaged by the removal of the damaged areas. Unfortunately some trees may need to be removed altogether in which case TreeBiz can remove and dispose of the tree.

Damage may not be obvious at first but something such as a twisted crown can kill your tree slowly over a long period of time. Lightning damage unfortunately is pure luck of the draw. If a tree is damaged by lightning it can be pruned back and the damaged sections removed in most cases.

Solar Pannel tree clearingSolar Panel Clearing

To get the best efficiency out of your solar panels the solar panels need to clear from shading Trees close by and see as much sun as possible.

Regular Pruning of trees around your house to keep your solar panels out in the open is essential to solar efficiency. In winter the sun is lowest in the sky.  So coming into winter is a good time to check to see how close any trees are or if any trees need trimming or pruning nearby your house to remove shadow form your solar panels.

Tree Reduction

TreeBiz Tree Services can reduce, trim, prune any size tree. 

From fencing hedges to the tallest and largest trees, TreeBiz Tree Services take the utmost care when it comes to reducing your trees. Reducing trees is important and should be completed on a regular basis. If trees are not maintained this may cause a damp environment in your house that will lead to mildew, mould and other problems.

Canon-PowerShoot-Pics-009Tree Pruning/Trimming

Our team of qualified tree care professionals are experts in tree timming and tree pruning.  It’s a well known fact that trees can easily become overgrown and tree  branches can start to pose a danger to your property and family.

"Regular tree pruning is the key to ensuring your backyard or property is safe for everyone to enjoy."

TreeBiz Tree Services offer tree pruning/trimming services on a regular or once off basis.

Tree pruning is an art and requires someone who understands where to make the cut into the tree branches so the tree remains healthy and continues to grow properly. It’s vital that when engaging with someone to do your tree pruning that you use a qualified Tree Surgeon or Tree Arborist.

When you contact us for a tree pruning quote you will instantly see how friendly and professional our team are. It’s for this reason that clients use our tree services and refer us to their family and friends.

For all your tree pruning and tree cutting requirements contact us >>

Tree Trimming MaintenanceTree Maintenance

TreeBiz Tree Services currently work with numerous clients to regularly maintain their trees and gardens.

If you are a corporate enterprise, nursing home, retirement village, block of units etc TreeBiz can be contracted to routinely keep the appearance and health of your hedges and trees. 

TreeBiz Tree Services are a family owned business in which we pride ourselves on our customer service and long term client satisfaction. To ensure that your property, business and units are taken care of you can trust TreeBiz Tree Service. 

For more information contact TreeBiz

Tree Lopping

TreeBiz Tree Services does not recommend the harmful pruning technique commonly known as 'lopping' or 'topping'. Poor lopping work often causes weak and dangerous regrowth, which will require potentially costly remedial intervention in the future. TreeBiz Tree Services believe with correct and formative pruning such problems can be avoided with the added benefit of reducing future burdens on your financial resources.