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Wisdom Teeth Removal

For some patients it is necessary to remove their wisdom teeth. While it is normal for people to have wisdom teeth, sometimes there is not enough available space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to erupt without causing problems.

Wisdom Teeth tend to erupt much later than the rest of a persons adult teeth, usually during early adulthood. If a wisdom tooth does not have enough space it can become impacted which causes detriment to adjacent teeth, or if the wisdom tooth is able to only partially erupt it may allow bacteria to become trapped causing gum disease and tooth decay. This problematic eruption will usually present as a discomfort to the patient and on assessment of a full mouth radiograph your dental professional will discuss the recommended treatment option which could be removing some or all of your wisdom teeth. 

 At Seven Springs Dental we are able to offer our patients Wisdom Teeth Removal under General Anaesthesia with Dr Greg. This means that patients are seen in a hospital environment by a highly skilled dentist and they have the procedure whilst under general anaesthesia. 

Many patients prefer to have their wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia, and we are very fortunate to have Dr Greg as part of our team of caring professionals to be able to offer them this service. 


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