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Polyethylene Toolboxes

LDR Industries provides TOP QUALITY Plastic Toolboxes for various industries and uses, such as:
- Corrosive environments
- Boating & Fishing
- Mining
- Farming

The Toolboxes are manufactured from MD Polyethylene with reinforced ribs for impact resistance and are designed to suit the harshest of conditions.  They are the ideal solution where a plastic toolbox is required which needs to be watertight and lockable. 

The Toolboxes are lightweight but strong and come with a number of mounting options which can be adapted to suit most vehicles, including farm bikes and vehicles.

Standard Features

  • Flush Fit water tight lid
  • Lockable “T” handles
  • Rubber door seals
  • Reinforced ribs for shock and impact resistance

Poly Toolbox Table

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Polypropylene Toolbox-
Polypropylene Toolbox-
Polypropylene Toolbox-

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